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Truck 145 | Freightliner Pumper

D-Step1Low Level Strainer
D-11Rubber Mallet
D-132-1/2" to 1-1/2" Gated Y
D-112-1/2" Female to 4-1/2" male connector
D-112-1/2" to Garden Hose Reducer
D-11Garden Hose Nozzle
D-112-1/2" Pistol Grip Nozzle
D-111-1/2" Pistol Grip Nozzle
D-11Fold a Tank Hose Holder
D-11Garden Hose
D-11Orange Rope Bag
D-11Gas Powered Vent Fan
D-112, 3, 4, 5 Spanner Wrenches
D-11Hydrant and Spanner Wrench
D-21Bolt Cutters
D-2118" Halogen
D-2124" Halogen
D-3 1Chainsaw
D-3 1K12
D-3 1Sawzall (Corded)
D-3 12-1/2 Gallon Mixed Gas Can
D-3 1014" Metal Cutting K12 Blade
D-3 1Masonry K12 Blade
D-3 2Carbide Tip K12 Blade
D-31Chainsaw\K12 Toolbox
3Safety Glasses
22 Cycle Oil
1K12 Belt
18Assorted Spark Plugs
2Chainsaw Blade/Chain
1Standard Screwdriver
1Phillps Screwdriver
4Spark Plug / Blade Wrong #
1Chainsaw Air Filter
1Torx Wrench
1Recoil Rope
D-3150' Extension Cord
D-31Bar and Chain Lube
D-41D Handle Round Nose Shovel
D-41D Handle Square Nose Shovel
D-42Fire Brooms
D-41Push Broom
D-414' D Handle Pike Pole
DSCBA - 12Spare MSA SCBA Aire Bottles
DSCBA - 12Spare MSA SCBA Aire Bottles
P-11Sealing Plugs and Wedges In Brown Crate
P-11MSA APR Adapter Kit - Black Case
P-12Safety Goggles
P-13Roles of Yellow Fire Line Tape
P-11Role of Red Tape
P-12Rolls of Duct Tape
P-12Hale Bale Hooks - Red
P-11Multi Gas Detector - Red Case
P-13Anhydrous Gloves
P-11Torch - Black Case
P-11Red Handle Cable Cutter
P-11Meter Cover Kit
P-11Crate of Cribbing Wedges
P-11Assorted Lengths of Cribbing
P-11Honda 2 kw Generator With Flood Light
P-142, 3, 4, 5 Spanner Wrenches
P-11Hydrant and Spanner Wrench
P-22Halogen Tri Pod Working Light
P-32Water Backpacks - Field Fires
P-325 gallon AR-AFFF Foam
P-32Foam Applicators
P-31Foam Eductor
P-34Bags of Oil Dry
P-3220' Log Chain in Blue Tote
P-31Blue Tarp
P-31Tow Rope in Blue Tote
P-44Safety Cones
PSCBA - 1 2Spare MSA SCBA Aire Bottles
PSCBA - 22Spare MSA SCBA Aire Bottles
B-13 x 50' 1-1/2" Hose Rolls
B-11Electric Junction Box
B-11Electric Cord Reel with Cord
B-114-1/2" Supply Hose with 6" Female to 4-1/2 Male
B-11Portable Base for Monitor
DB110' Pike Pole
DB114' Pike Pole
DB110' Hard Suction with Storz Adapter
DB110' Hard Suction
DB16' D Handle Pike Pole
DB112' Pike Pole
DB18' Pike Pole
DB18' Attic Ladder
DB112' Attic Ladder
DB114' Roof Ladder
DB124' Extension Ladder
Cab1Incident Clip Board
Cab1Hazmat Information Kit
Cab1ERG Book
Cab1Thermal Camera / Replacement Battery
Cab5Handheld Radio
Cab1800 mhz Handheld Radio
Cab2Box of Rubber Gloves
Cab4MSA Air Packs /w Masks
Cab2Traffic Wands
Crosslay5 x 50'250' 1-1/2" with Pistol Grip Nozzle
Crosslay5 x 50'250' 1-1/2" with Pistol Grip Nozzle
Slot#14 x 50'200' 1-3/4" Yellow with Pistol Grip Nozzles
Slot#14 x 50'200' 1-3/4" Yellow with Pistol Grip Nozzles
Slot#212 x 50'600' 3" (White)
Slot#33 x 50'150' 1-1/2" (White)
Slot#45 x 50'250' 1-1/2" (Red)
Slot#45 x 50'250' 1-1/2" (Green)

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