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Truck 142 | International Heavy Rescue

D-13Rope in Bag
D-1Yellow Rescue Bag
D-11Body Harness
D-11D Ring
D-1At Least 50Oil Blankets in Tan Tote
D-1At Least 2Cloth Snakes
D-11Roll of Tie Wire
D-17Bungee Straps
D-11Gallon Anti-Freeze
D-12Yellow 2" Ratchet Straps
D-11Hi Lift Jack
D-11Log Chain
D-2?Jaw tips 2 sets and 1 spare
D-22Hydraulic lines
D-21Hydraulic Jack
D-21Splitter Block
D-21Jaws Motor
D-21Short Ram
D-21Long Ram
D-2At Least 10K-12 Metal Saw Blades
D-31Air Chisel with SCBA in Black Case
D-31Electric Fan
D-36Red Traffic Cones
D-42Wheel Chalke
D-41Dewalt Sawzall
D-41Milwaukee Sawzall
D-41Streamlight Flash light
D-45Dewalt Batteries
D-42Dewalt Chargers
D-41Milwaukee Charger
D-41Dewalt Drill
D-41Assorted Dewalt Drill bits
D-4At Least 104' Sawzall Blades in basket
D-4At Least 106' Sawzall Blades in basket
D-41Handle for Dewalt Drill
D-43Red Reflective Triangles
D-44Reflective Traffic Sticks in Black Bags
D-53Fire Brooms
D-514" D Handle Pike Pole
D-515" D Handle Pike Pole
D-52D Handle Flat Shovel
D-51Sledge Hammer
D-51Scoop Shovel
D-53Push Brooms
D-52Round Shovel
D-53Fire Flaps
D-51Sickle Cotter
D-5At Least 11Floor Dry
D-51Box Floor Dry
P-11Air bottle fill station
P-14Spare MSA SCBA Air Bottles
P-14Air Purify Respirator in Black Box
P-11Fire Coat
P-2118' Halligan
P-2124' Halligan
P-21Chain Saw
P-21Gas Can - Mixed
P-21Jumper Cables
P-21Can of WD40
P-21Assortment of Zip ties
P-21Sharpie Marker
P-21Spool of Yellow Wire
P-21Roll of Duct Tape
P-21Orange Flagging Tape
P-213 LB Hammer
P-21Rubber Mallet
P-21Channel Locks Black Handle
P-21Cable Cutter Red Handle
P-21Orange Dead Blow Hammer
P-24Vice Grips
P-21Allen Wrenches Set
P-21Kennedy Tool Box
P-21Craftsman Tool Box - Make sure we have all tools
P-21Channel Locks Blue Handle
P-21Fencing Tool
P-21Tire Checker
P-31Large Blue Tarp
P-31Small Green Tarp
P-31Small Blue Tarp
P-42Yellow 10 gauge Drop Cords 50"
P-423 way splitter
P-44Electric Adapters - Twist Lock to Straight Blade Female
P-41Orange 16 gauge Drop Cord on Reel
P-41Power Reel with 12 gauge Drop Cord
P-42Halogen Work Light 500 watt
P-41Spare Halogen Work light 500 watt for Honda Generator
P-41Electric Junction Box
P-41Black Drop Cord on Reel
P-44Cascade Bottles for fill station
Interior8MSA Airparks
Interior8MSA Airpark Masks
Interior8Handheld Radios
Interior4Stream light Flash light
Interior1Refrigerator - Water bottles inside
DI-11Camera and Charger
DI-11Hand Sanitizer
DI-12Yellow Traffic Wands
DI-12ERG Book
DI-12Power Strips
DI-12Rubber Gloves
DI-2At Least 20Antiseptic Towelettes
DI-31Eye Glass Cleaner
DI-41Assortments of Corks
DI-41Bio Haz Bag
DI-42Big Black Rubber Gloves
DI-45Pair Goggles
DI-45Blue Tarp
DI-4At Least 15Yellow Cotton Gloves
DI-4At Least 10Fire Gloves
DI-4At Least 15Rubber Grip Gloves - Blue and Yellow
DI-41Orange Rubber Gloves
DI-4At Least 1 Box1 Gallon Zip Lock Bags
DI-45CPR Masks
DI-4At Least 10Assortment of Shop Rags
DI-4At Least 2 TubsHand wipes
PH-12Blue Shop Towels
PH-11Truck Manuals
PH-11SCFS User Manual
PH-11IR Raymger ST2L - Heat Gun
PH-11IR Raytek Minitemp - Heat Gun
PH-1Assorted Batteries
PH-1At Least 20AAA - More than 12
PH-1At Least 40AA - More than 12
PH-1At Least 20AA - More than 12
PH-11C - More than 12
PH-11Fluke Volt Tester
PH-31Fluke Volt Pen
PH-3At Least 10 Dust Masks
PH-31Blue Safety Vest - In Blue Tote
PH-32Helicopter Landing Kit
PH-31Bull Horn
PH-32Electric Meter Plastic Cover
PH-32Fire Line Tape
PH-31Container bungee Straps
PH-31Carbon Monoxide Detector
PH-31Gas Detector
PH-31Container of Plastic Clips, Screws, and Hook loop cable ties
PH-31Case of Bottle Water
Cab1ERG Book
Cab1Fire Extinguisher

Durant Community Fire Department