Non-Emergency #: (563) 785-4526 | Emergencies: Call 911 | 701 5th Street | Durant, Iowa 52747

Current Members

RankFirefighters NameVolunteer SinceCredentials
ChiefJared Semsch2001FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
1st AssistantKyle Olderog2002FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
2nd AssistantBen Price2004FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
3rd AssistantKevin Johnson2009FF 2, HAZMAT OPS, CPR, AED
Firefighter Joe Vastine1994FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
FirefighterTim Sterner1994FF 1, FIRST AID, AED, CPR, HAZMAT OPS
FirefighterDan Schuett2006FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
Firefighter / SecretaryTodd Frick2008FF 1, CPR, EMT-B, AED, HAZMAT OPS
FirefighterDan Sterner2009FF2, CPR, AED, EMT-B, BLS Instructor, HAZMAT OPS
FirefighterMatt Price2012FF 1, HAZMAT OPS, CPR, AED
FirefighterRyan Tappendorf2013FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
FirefighterAdam Sterner2015FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
FirefighterMike Stigers2015FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
FirefighterOrville Randolph2015FF 1, FF2, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS, EMT-P, EMS-I, CPR INSTRUCTOR
FirefighterAndrew Gruman2016FF 1, CPR, AED, HAZMAT OPS
FirefighterCasey Jones2016FF1, HAZMAT TECH, CPR, AED
FirefighterPreston Paarman2016FF1, CPR AND AED
FirefighterChase Voelkers2017FF1, CPR AND AED
FirefighterJordan Durant2017FF1, CPR AND AED
FirefighterMichael Meier2017FF1, CPR AND AED
FirefighterPaul Tady2017FF1, CPR AND AED
FirefighterAaron Ellenberg2017FF1, CPR AND AED
FirefighterLogan West2018

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