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Truck 146 | Freightliner Pumper

D-13Hose Holder Straps
D-11Fuel Filter for Truck
D-12Strait Tips
D-112-1/2" Double Female
D-122-1/2" Double Male
D-122-1/2" to 1-1/2" Reducer
D-111-1/2" Double Female
D-111-1/2" Cap
D-112-1/2" Cap
D-111-1/2" Pistol Grip Nozzle
D-11Double Female 4-1/2" Connector
D-111-1/2" to 3/4" Reducer with Shutoff
D-114-1/2" Male to 2-1/2" Female
D-112-1/2" "Big Gun" Nozzle
D-11Low Level Strainer
D-11PVC Fold a Tank Siphon
D-112-1/2" Hose Quick Splice
D-11 x 50'1-1/2" Hose Rolls
D-11Soft Suction Hydrant Hose
D-11Orange Rubber Mallet
D-11Rope Bag
D-122-1/2" Angle Adaptor
D-22Stream Light Flashlights
D-41Fire Extinguisher
D-52Fire Broom
D-51D Handle Round Shovel
D-51Pry Bar
D-51Pick Head Axe
B-11Electric Cord Reel with Cord
B-126' D Handle Pike Pole
B-11Piercing Nozzle
P-11Generac Generator
P-41Fire Extinguisher
Top1Fold A Tank 1500 Gallon
Top18' Attic Ladder
Top110' Attic Ladder
Top18' Pike Pole
Top110' Pike Pole
Ladder Rack2Hard Suction
Ladder Rack135' Extension Ladder
Ladder Rack114' Roof Ladder
Cab1Spot Light
Cab1Orange Traffic Flag
CabBottled Water
Cab4Handheld Radio
Crosslays5 x 50'250' 1-1/2" Hose (Red)
Crosslays5 x 50'250' 1-1/2" Hose (Orange)
Hosebed3 x 50'150' 1-1/2" Hose (Yellow)
Hosebed11 x 50'550' 1-3/4" Hose (Yellow)
Hosebed8 x 50'400' 2-1/2" Hose (White)